The Secret of Value

No matter what kind of investment opportunity turns you on, the key to making a profit is always the same. Buy an asset for less than it’s worth, then sell on to the highest bidder.

If you’re investing for profit in a sports event, this secret still holds true. Value is the key which opens the bookmaker’s safe.

Of course, you can make low-value investments and still show a profit – but not for long. There is only one way to enjoy large returns consistently. You must invest your cash in value opportunities... and value opportunities ONLY.

Put simply, you uncover value when you back an outcome at a price which is greater than the true chances of it happening. In other words, the potential pay-back on your investment outstrips the real likelihood of your bet winning.

For example...
If you toss a coin, it is even money against either side landing face up. A two-horse race, if you like, in which both runners have an exactly equal chance of winning. Every pound you put on heads landing face up, should only give you £2 back – the £1 win plus your £1 stake returned.

But if a bookmaker were to offer you a price of 2/1 for the coin landing heads up, then they’ve given you a value opportunity. Every pound you put on heads will give you £3 if you’re right (the £2 win plus your original £1 investment). You have the chance to invest at odds greater than the probability of the outcome. You have found value.

Your Profit-Making Strategy is Built Upon this Secret

Value is a simple idea - and no matter how complicated the event you’re interested in, or the probabilities you have to weigh up, this central profit-making principle remains.

So if the probability of a result is really 2/1, you want to buy in at 9/4. If the probability is 5/2, you want to find someone offering it at 11/4...or more of course!

Every tip-off The Insider shares with you begins and ends with value. Why? Because if you keep backing 12/1 shots at a value price of 20/1, for instance, your strategy will come good by your twelfth investment... and return 175% on the total amount of cash you’ve staked.

Value Enables You to Create a Win-Win Position

Just imagine that before the Spring 2001 cricket Test series between England and Sri Lanka began, you’d backed England at 14/1 to win by two games to one.

When it came to the last Test – with the series balanced at one game each – you could have backed the only two other possible series outcomes, for a substantial, certain, untouchable profit – whatever the outcome of the final game!

Let’s do the figures and see how it works. Suppose that, with your original investment, you had backed England at 14/1 to return you £1,000. A stake of just £66.66 would have given you this opportunity.

Having backed England at 14/1, you would have been ready to sit back and watch the Test develop.

By the opening day of the last match, the price for the game to be won by Sri Lanka was 6/4, and the price for the game to be drawn was 7/4. If you had backed both of these outcomes to also return £1,000, you would have created the investor’s ideal situation – a certain profit whatever actually happens.

Remember, a Sri Lanka win or a draw were the only results possible other than that England victory... which you’ve already backed.

To return £1,000 on Sri Lanka winning at 6/4, you invest £400. To return £1,000 on the match to be drawn at 7/4, stake £363.63p. (Don’t worry about how you work out the size of your stake. The Insider does all the work for you.)

Add together your 3 cricket investments, and your total costs come to £830.29p. As you have backed each outcome to return £1,000, you are guaranteed a profit of £169.71p – no matter what happens.

Make 20.4% Profit Guaranteed with Just One “Value” Price

This happy outcome results from taking just one good-value price. Win-win positions like this are perfectly possible on many of your favourite sporting events. Achieving them is your No.1 goal as a serious and profit-hungry sports investor.

But you don’t have to wait for a tournament or test series to progress before “hedging” your position. The bookmaking markets are in such a mess right now, that “value” cock-ups litter the internet… giving you the chance to lock in certain profits within a couple of minutes!

This strategy is called arbitrage, a secret method used by serious sporting investors to ensure they NEVER LOSE.

You see, with the advent of live TV coverage, internet and telephone betting accounts, spread betting, advanced-chance value opportunities and better-informed investors, the bookmakers’ stranglehold is weakening. The cosy cartel which used to fix the odds and enjoy a steady stream of high-profit prices is starting to totter. Now the balance of power has moved in your favour.

Bookmaking cock-ups happen every day. With The Insider to guide you, now you can take advantage of the mistakes caused by today’s sporting investment revolution.