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The UK betting market is going through a revolution right now. Internet and telephone accounts, plus new forms of speculation such as spread betting, are attracting a new kind of investor. And in a mad scramble to exploit this new, wealthier clientele, the bookmakers have thrown away their winning advantage and started gambling themselves.

Today, 24-hour worldwide betting means the bookies have to spread their expertise too thin to stay ahead of the clever investor. They want to offer bets on every sport you can name, plus ‘special’ bets on every little outcome in every event too.

Minute of first goal, shirt numbers, F1 mini-races, rugby handicaps, three-ball golf... the demand for expert odds compilers has never been greater. Yet there are only 100 fully trained and experienced odds compilers in the country. After learning their trade by specialising in one or two sports, these hard-pressed experts are now being asked to set the odds for sports they know nothing about!

Big Money Cock-Ups Just Waiting to Happen

Recently, an expert football compiler was given the job of betting a Pool tournament. In one game – shown live on TV – the compiler got the two players mixed up.

Every time the player at the table potted a ball, the confused soccer expert increased his price, and cut the odds of the player sitting glumly in his chair. The odds compiler thought he was the guy at the table! Clued-up investors spotted this mistake, and helped themselves to an easy fortune.

Another big-name bookmaking boss gave the job of betting on live Superbike racing to his Formula One compiler... on the grounds that they are both races on wheels!

The hapless F1 compiler had never seen a Superbike race in his life, and lost more in one afternoon’s trading than the firm had earned from ‘bikes in six months.

Exploit These Million-Pound Mistakes for Profit

Now, Fleet Street Publications have persuaded one of the UK’s top number-crunchers to snitch on his employers. Through The Insider newsletter and e-mails, he reveals the research, databases and know-how which the bookies used to use to fix the prices in their favour... the very tools they’re now foolishly ignoring.

The bookmakers undervalue exciting opportunities every day. Now you can discover these little-known cock-ups – and enjoy the thrill of big potential tax-free gains – exclusively through The Insider’s subscription-only service.

Of course, there are very few sporting events where it’s possible to say 100% what the true probabilities really are. So odds compilers trade in debate, argument, opinion and performance lines. No compiler or punter can say that their prices for a particular event are more than an educated opinion.

But after 20 years grafting for Hills, Ladbrokes, Corals and all the offshore bookmakers, The Insider’s Mr.X has a better opinion than most.

If you think like the bookmakers, and use Mr.X’s expert advice to calculate the odds before striking a bet, you will never fall for one of the bookmakers’ “bad value” traps again. Remember, you’re not up against an infallible corporate machine. You’re up against individuals, none of whom is right 100% of the time.

Too Much Work, Not Enough Expertise

One normally reliable Formula One compiler made a terrible slip-up in the German Grand Prix last year. He offered 13/2 for super-fast Colombian driver J.P.Montoya to record the fastest lap of the day. Mr.X estimated that the Colombian’s true price was 2/1, and he told Insider readers to help themselves to a wonderful bet. Montoya was fastest by a mile.

Jennifer Lopez was on offer at 15/8 to win her category at the MTV Music Awards last year. Mr.X knew that music industry insiders – who could see the votes coming in – were just waiting to get their money down. He nipped in ahead of the field and told readers to grab that lovely 15/8. She won alright, best-priced at just 1/3.

And the price that overworked odds compilers came up with for Niels Feijen to be the top European points scorer in pool’s Mosconi Cup last year took some believing too. You could get 14/1 about a man who should have been only one-third that price. The fact that most bookmakers spelt his name incorrectly sums it up. Mr.X and his Insider friends were onto him though. He won as predicted by the stats.

Watch Out for Little-Known Markets Where Expertise is Lacking

The more weird and unusual the market, the more likely that a poor odds compiler has had to price it up all by himself. Mr.X’s colleagues are often alone in offering odds on these “specials”. So they have no opportunity to check their work against an industry ‘norm’.

Just think about the chances of them screwing up here! You can see how easy it is to find errors, good value, and profit – just like Mr.X does – almost every day.

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